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handlebar bridge in place of the ugly BMW logo
Category->(28) New for BMW BMW K1600GTL & Metric Models
(28) New for BMW BMW K1600GTL  &  Metric Models - handlebar bridge in place of the ugly BMW logo

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  Hi Marlin.

I recently purchased a clock from you for my BMW K1600GTL to be placed into handlebar bridge in place of the ugly BMW logo.  

If you recall we had discussed the hole diameter and you had provided some additional mounting material for me. I experimented with that but could not get enough meat to fill the space between the bike hole and your clock. Then tried  Danco #34 O Rings # 10365 That worked great.   

I found an O-Ring size (see attached picture), that stretched right into the groove on your clock and with little (little!) pressure popped right into the handlebar mount where it rests on a ledge inside the hole. It is easily removed with a fingernail or credit card (so as not to mar the metal surface) to adjust the time (daylight savings, etc.) See attached picture.


W A Miram 


This is a center console for Metric Models. Our clock or thermometer can 
fit in the console by opening a hole. You need to call me
so we can talk about how you would like to fit the clock or temp in the hole.
There are two ways it can be done.



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