Fork Stem Billet Clock Small
Part # FSBC1
Hi Marlin

I just received my clock for my bike. I really like how it looks and it was SET to the correct time. When will the thermometers be available? Could you please notify me when they are?

Thank you
Doug McLaughlin
Dear Marlin Corp,

I received the clocks nd thermometer.  What beautiful accessories.  I replaced same from a competitor of yours and cannot believe the quality and design improvement.  Attached is a picture of the bike with both mounted.
  Looking forward to any  additional product offerings as you have obviously great ideas and execution.

Best regards,

Chuck Fritz
Dear Marlin,
Thanks for the great service on my order.  I got the clock in about 4 days, and it looks great.  The best part is that the Fat Boy looks like it grew a clock rather than having something stuck on it.  I went on an all day ride in the North Georgia Mountains and the clock was perfect.  The two guys that I was with were on Road Kings.  Both now want  your new King Clock.
Thanks for making a great ride even better.

Glenn Davis
Dallas GA
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Wow, your  Fork Stem Billet Clock are amazing. Unforunately i have a metric cruiser (Suzuki Marauder). Any plans in the future to make them for import bikes? Mine is a 30mm by the way.

I want to say Thank you very much for your customer service. The quick response to my question and the fast delivery was amazing!
I'm not sure if I'm talking to the "Marlin" or an associate but thank you again I attached a couple of pictures...doesn't really do the clock really looks great.
I'll be checking back to see what else you will be offering on your web
Here are two pictures of one of your clocks on my Triumph Bonneville America.
All I can say is "perfect, just perfect".

Roy Wilson
Thornton, Colorado
Here are some pics of the clock installed
on my 96' FXD. The smaller clock in  the
first picture is one my wife gave me,
definately hard to read, especially if you
have to put reading glasses on while riding
just to see what time it  is. You can see the
differance with your clock. I can tell what time
it is even without reading glasses. Thanks for
the quick delivery. Please let me know when
you come out with one that has a lighted background.
Thank you,    
JIm Sagat
Old clock
New clock
Hi Marlin,
Just to let you I received my clock on Monday. Looks great. When your add said you could read it at high speeds I was hesitant thinking it would be very large, it was difficult to tell its size from the photos. Good work. I have been searching for something like this for a couple of years. I most certainly will pass promote it to as many people as I can. It is a wonderfully designed product.

My compliments to your shipping dept. It was package with great care. It's nice to receive great things that are not just thrown in a box and shipped out.
Hi Marlin,

I just wanted to let you know that I got the clock last week.  He put it on his motorcycle - fits perfectly and you're right, and he just loves it!  Thank you!

Hi Marlin

I just wanted to let you know that since yesterday was so nice out, my father decided to take his bike out and put on the clock that I ordered from you.  He said it looks incredible.  He said it looks like a custom job and he was showing it off to everyone at work.  So I just thought you would appreciate a sincere thanks for helping me find the perfect gift!

Thank you
Hi  Good morning
clock arrived this morning fitted striaght away looks great
Regards Nigel Walker
Marlin, here is a picture of your clock on my Bike.  It looks great and I have gotten a lot of complements on it.  I wear my watch on my left wrist so to check the time I had to let go of the throttle to pull my jacket sleeve back, but not any more.  It is so nice to drive down the road and only have to glance down for a second to see the time.

Thanks again.

Tony Becker
Fork Stem Billet Clock Large
Part # FSBC2
Here are a few testimonials on our clocks
Here are a few testimonials on our clocks
I just want to tell you that as a certified cynic it is
really hard to impress me the way you have.I placed
an order on Saturday afternoon, and the clock and
thermometer were installed by 5:30 PM on Monday.
The quality of both material and workmanship is
exceptional, and to have received it by USPS, faster
that a speeding brown truckis considerably more
than I excected. The enclosed photos say it all.
The bike is a 2004 Honda VT750 Shadow Aero.
It used to draw positive comments from riders of
all males,now it will get rave reviews for certain.

Matthew Price
Everyone that has seen the clock comments
first  on how great the quality is. It honestly
looks like it came from the factory with the
clock.We love it. I know it will come in handy
this winter when we are are bundled up and
want to know what time it is.
Thanks So Much
for your fantastic service!!

Thought you might like pics of your clock and
thermometer on a 2002 Heritage Softail Classic.

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt
service, and wonderful products. I have used
another brand of clocks and thermometers on
several other bikes I own, however the quality
and finish of yours far surpasses the others.
Thanks again, and I'll be sure to recommend your products to others.

Bill Marion

I've attached a photo of your
clock and thermometer on my Rune
Marlin, here are a few photos I took last night.  Bike is a Honda VTX1300C - Orange althiugh it looks red in the photo. Let me know what you think.  Please add me to your email list so I will be notified whenever something new comes out.

Thanks Again,
Gene Curtain
          Well, I just received my clock today (very fast delivery time, considering it was the USPS). And I must say I am TRULY IMPRESSED. The quality and craftsmanship are extraordinary. I was not aware of the size, I don't need a magnifying glass to see what time it is; by the way I `m replacing a piece of junk rusted, microscopic clock from one of your competitors with yours. But there is no comparison, your is 100 times better in size, quality and value. As and AMA member and a members of many bike forums and the Southern Cruisers Riding Club (22,000 +  members) all I can say is ....Get ready for many more orders!!!!!! Thank You very much, I am more than happy with your product and will spread the word through the various outlets I just mentioned.                                        
Sincerely.....Joel Netzel

Joel Netzel (nole) 1St Officer
Hi Marlin,

Just thought I'd let you know I got the replacement clock and
thank you once again for going above and beyond.  I really
appreciated it.

The clock's installed and I've already received many complements.  I thought I'd share with you a product review I've submitted to our local HOG Chapter
(Hamilton, Ontario) newsletter including a picture of the clock on my bike.  I
hope it results in some extra business for you.

Thanks again.
Great product!  The clock looks good  and is easy to read...

Robert Carlson Jr
Anchorage, Alaska
Fork Stem Billet Clock Small
Part # FSBC1
Hi Marlin,
Hope these pics are Ok. If not let me know
and I'll reshoot them. The clock looks great on
the bike. As I said before, I looked long and hard
to find one and had found nothing to compare
to yours. The numerals are very clear even at
night. Took the bike for a run at the weekend, the
clock is just so readable even at speeds in excess
of our speed limits over here.
Thanx a million.

Handlebar Clock
Part # HBC

  I received the clock yesterday. An excellent product. Please remember to advise me when the thermometers come in.
I will also purchase a licsense plate cover at that time.
thanks again, Rick

Have a great day....Rick
Hi Marlin,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the clock last week,
and it was a cinch to install.  I am glad I had a torx screwdriver, but  it was in and functional in under five minutes.  Looks great, and is real handy!
Thanks a lot.
Bill Bayliss
Received the clock.  Looks like it'll work out just fine.  I'll be utilizing the hole in the holder to retain the unit in the gauge blank provided in my FLHT Standard's fairing.  Will look pretty close to factory gauges....<;)

     Put one of your clocks on my Suzuki DR 650 and now have about 200 miles riding with it on the bike. Was worried about the big single vibrating too much. It's no big deal, the clock isn't bothered by the motor at all. The handle bars are rubber mounted and the clock seems to take it no problem. Never had a clock on my motorcycles until I bought my Honda VFR with the game boy display that tells me everything I need to know including the time and a few things I probably don't need to know. Now at least I know when it's time to turn the Suzuki around and head back home. Thanks for a great product.   Pete Bowen
Peter Bowen
    My clock arrived and is already mounted on my Suzuki DR 650. Wish I could rotate it up a little more but the cross bar is in the way. Still easy to read and I can tell what time to head home without stopping and pulling out my watch to read the time. Hope the big single isn't too much shake for it but it's so handy to have I'll just take that chance. Pete Bowen

Peter Bowen

Wow, you guys are super!

Will let you know when I get it, and rest assured, I will tell people what
great support you have for your product.

Thanks again.

Hi Marlin

Thank you very much for such a great addition to my Harley-Davidson!
Both the billet clock and temperature gauge look as though they came
with the bike, and I've had many compliments.  I'm going to be pending
an additional order for my ski boat.

Take care

Dave Melendy
Hi Marlin,
Well my clock is on my bike looks great. I have a 2001 Yamaha Vstar 1100 custom and have placed the clock on my handle bars just in the middle of my clamps. It looks very good and fits in with the looks of my bike. It doesn't look like another clunky bolt on. I had my first ride of the season last
Sunday and was very pleased with its looks and ability to read the time even at highway speeds.

Good work.
Stephen Tisdale
This is just what I was looking for and it was really easy to put on my 2001 Dyna Low Rider.

I just wanted to thank you for being so informative and straight forward when I called about my clock.  I had been kicking the thought around for days and you advise was great.  I got home from my 3-11 shift last night and there it sat on the on the counter.  Needless to say I installed it first thing this morning.  Ten minutes are all it took including gathering up the few items needed to do the job.

It has been nine years since I had my last motorcycle and with 9 and 11 year old boys at home and a rotating work schedule this clock was somewhat a given.

I must tell you that I haven't taken the time to ride since the installation twenty minutes ago.  I had to email you to say that your product is an amazing looking piece on my 2006 Road King Classic.  Quite possibly the best looking accessory I have had on any of the seven Harley Davidsons I've owned.

Thank you very much for you time on the phone last week. 

Don Barry
Palmyra, PA
Just wanted to say thanks,  for such a great quality product and the very quick delivery.  You people are truly on the ball.
I ordered my Bullet Billet Black Face Clock this past Sun. 26 Nov. 06 online, and received it today, Thurs. 30 Nov. 06.
In fact, I've already installed it.  It looks so good; like it just grew there on the bike overnight.  It took me about 10 minutes to install, and really looks great on my 06 Pearl White V-Star Classic 650.  I'm certain without a doubt, I'm going to get excellent service out of it.

Thanks again,
Tom Bryant in Virginia
A little about me and Paul

We were both born in London, England.  After we met and got married and had our daughter Paula, we moved to the country, Essex, South East England.  We brought our Harleys in 1997 and joined the largest Hog Chapter in England which is called Essex Hog Chapter. Since then we have slowly rebuilt our bikes to show standards and have won many competitions throughout England and we have travelled across Europe to some of the bigger events held by HOG.  I entered my Sportster in the Ladies of Harley Sportster class in
Lloret de Mar in Spain and won first place.  The following year we rode across Europe again to St Tropez in the South of France and won first place again for Ladies of Harley Sportster.  Throughout the last few years we have collected between us around 50 Trophies.  This year we brought our daughter, who is now 18, her first Harley so this summer we will be riding out as a family to as many events as we get time for.  The biggest event we enjoy going to is called The Americana International Show in Newark, England which is a massive event where it is strictly American vehicles only featuring 3 stages, where bands play all day, approximately 20 bands from USA, UK and Europe over 3 days and shows consisting of American bikes, cars, trucks and
winnibagos. The event celebrates anything American.  Well that's enough for now.  If you would like to know anything else please do not hesitate to email me.

About your clocks.

We have been searching for great looking clocks like your ones for many
years.  As you probably know, last year Harley Davidson themselves brought
out their own clocks but we were were not very keen on the look of them and
we thought they were rather small.  But your clocks are a great size, very
clear to read and the bonus is they glow very clearly in the dark which
makes them very easy to read at all times and the chrome is at show standard

too.  Again thank you for bringing a great product to us and we will promote
your clocks to as many people that we know or enquire about them at any
other events and shows we attend.

Thanks again

Kindest Regards

OK -just received
1) Thermometer with BC mount
2) Flip cap with clock
Here is the run down-20 minute to install both products.
Five minutes to install fifteen minutes to bring my bottom
jaw back up to its normal position.
If I were to compare these gauges vs.
HD--HD scored less than ZERO.

Thanks for an innovative product!
Joe Hatch
I finally mounted the clock and hardwired the light into my bike's wiring  system and it's awesom. I searched the web many times before looking for a  clock that would look and feel right for my Harley Deuce and I finally found  it.
I also want to thank you for spending time with me on the phone and walking me through the technicalities of the wiring system.  At the end it was  fairly simple and straight forward.

I would suggest to all, this is the clock for you !   It's a  show quality
add-on that will turn heads.

Thanks again,

Joe Rappa
I just wanted to send some feedback on the clock. I was very pleased with the prompt shipment and communication. I am extremely pleased with the clock itself. I was hesitant to spend $70 on a clock for my VTX, but it looks great, has a nice solid feel, and I do not regret the purchase.

Thanks for the great transaction.

Jeff Dane
Lubbock, TX
Dear Marlin,

I just placed an order for a motorcycle clock for my friend.  He just purchased a brand new 04 Road King Classic.  I was so impressed with the quality of mine that I thought this would be a perfect gift for his new bike.

If you have an opportunity, could you please add a message to the order that is being shipped to him.

Ralphie, congrats on your new bike!  Here is some additional eye candy for your handlebars.

Your Bro,  DC
        Just wanted to let you know I received the clock and thermometer
yesterday, and they far exceeded my expectations! These really are beautiful
pieces!! I put them on last night, and they really look great on my VTX 1800
Retro-thanks for offering such a quality product !!

Chuck O'Connor
Good Morning.   Just wanted to say I appreciate your help and personal attention.  Very impressive and unusual in today's internet buy/sell world.  The clock and thermometer arrived on time.  Both are truly fine products with fit and finish second to none.  Both have been installed and I found that the brackets that you recommended did in fact work better than those I originally ordered.  I have already answered more than a few "Hey, where did you get those?".  Here's hopin the word spreads 'round here.  Thanks again for your help.    Rich Bond
I just orderd my 2nd temp. gauge. After having one Head / Oil temp gauge on my 95 FLFTS 113" Evo. 
When I got my 06 FLHX and rode for about 2wks. I had to have one on it. Living here in florida it is a must have. 
Trying to guess how warm or HOT your air cooled Vtwin  oil or head temp. is running is a test.
Because being wrong can cost you big time on eng. or clutch repaires. I see them in the shop I work at. 
After Bike week in late early march we get bikes in for slipping clutch, oil leaks, eng. using oil all from overheating when in stop & go riding. It's not even Hot here at that time of year..
So how hot is your oil in the summer when it is 95-100 deg...   
So a big THANK YOU Marlin  for a great easy to install gauge that with a flip of a switch I can check oil temp. or head temp.  
Even if you live where you don't think it get that warm you will feel alot better knowing what the real temp is. 
A must have for ALL HI OUTPUT air cooled  Vtwin or other motorcycles.   Knowing your oil temp is a good idea for you car/truck guys & gals too. 
   J. Reed Gurney
I just received my HBC set,clock and thermometer for my Yamaha V Star 1100.I ordered on Monday and I installed them on Friday.They look great,one of the best accessories I have put on the bike. These are the second set I have purchased from you in a month.The first set went on a Yamaha V Star 650 and did they dress up the bike.Again I ordered on Monday,had them on by Friday.What great customer service.It was a pleasure doing business with you.As my riding buddies see how great my bikes look,I hope they will follow suit and get their set.Again great products,love the way they look on my bikes and your customer service is top drawer.......Michael
I received the replacement clock today and am impressed with your timely and helpful response.  It is nice to do business with a class act in today's very troubled business environment.
Just received my clock and thermometer with the universal mounts.They look great on my bike and what great quality products.Can't wait to show off my bike!!!!! Thanks again for a great product.The service was fast too,got my package in 4 days all the way to Arizona...That's customer service!!!!!!!!!
I got the clock and thermometer installed.

I am so pleased with the easy of installation, appearance of items, workability, and just all around pleasure of being able to see what time it is or what the temperature is. Boys and their toys!

You sell a quality product! Great delivery time and what your literature says is true! Needless to say, I have and will continue to spread the word about your quality products.

Some pictures are attached.

Darrell Richardson
It took me longer to get my drill out to cut a hole in the plugs in the holes than it did to install the clock and thermometer! I did not have to remove the fairing at all. I wish all things were that easy to install. ;-) Once I cut a 1/2" hole, put my finger in it and pulled, the plug came out and the new parts just snapped right into place! I have the 9 volt battery encasement for both items in the pouch in the middle. I just reach in and flip the switches and they light up!
Did it take long time to install the parts?
Last update 12/25/11
Just a short reply about the dual mounts.  Got them on my bike they look great, and am happier then ever with the overall look of the handle bares. You dual mounts play a big part in that.

Thanks Again
William Key
This clock looks AWESOME on my Road King Classic!

You make great products!

Just a short reply about the dual mounts.  Got them on my bike they look great, and am happier then ever with the overall look of the handle bares. You dual mounts play a big part in that.

Thanks Again
William Key
Hi Mr Marlin,

I just received you thermometer for my 2008 Deluxe Softail. I Just want to let you know how much I love it. It's great and I'm 100% satisfy. The chrome is top quality and the construction is of very high quality. The packaging is very professional and secure. The small pocket you've used to wrap it is a very distinguish item and prove the serious and high class of your company. It was easy and nice to do business with you. You really deliver all the good service and quality product you mentionned in your web site. I'll recommand your company and products to everyone around me.

Bravo! Congratulations! Felicitations!

Robert Cadrin

"The mounting hardware is of quality materials and is carefully made.   It fits perfectly to my Road King handle bars.  The actual iPhone  holder is superbly crafted and is adjustable to any protective shell  so that holds the iPhone snugly.  Taking the iPhone in/out is a snap.  
At this point I am so throughly satisfied that intend to buy another 
one for my wife's Softail Deluxe this Christmas"
Scott C. Ladd