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Heavy Duty Pallet Puller Scissor Jaws
Category->(8) Mercedes- Benz child Booster seat SL 500
Heavy Duty Pallet Puller Scissor Jaws

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Mercedes-Benz Child Booster Seat. This seat turns off front airbags on a SL 500, 1999


If airbags protect us, why should we deactivate them when children are in the car and under what circumstances?

Seat belts work alongside airbags. Seat belts prevent us from flying out of our seats and airbags absorb energy, stopping us from being hurt in an accident. However, airbags are not always beneficial for everyone and, on occasions, it's more recommendable to deactivate them than leave them activated. In particular, we are referring to the case of children and in those exceptional situations when they can ride up front with a car seat.

This seat  This seat when put in place will deactivate the airbags

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